RH SHAMPOO 10.14oz

RH SHAMPOO 10.14oz

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Due to balanced formula on of its components with high and low molecular weights, you obtain an excellent conditioning of the hair fiber, in addition to a primordial and deep hydration, repair, reconstruction and color protection.

Giving hair resistance, shine, silkiness; controlling frizz and hair volume, giving weight to hair.

How to use:

1. Put a dose in the hand.

2. Apply to wet hair.

3. (For better penetration) wait 2 to 3 minutes and rinse.
For better results, rinse 80%. (Do not rinse fully).


Can be used as leave in treatment applying after shampoo on dry hair (dry with a towel)  apply a small amount and don t́ rinse. Also, can be used as a hair mask, dosing a greater amount and wait 15 min. under heat.

Daily use treatment applied as conditioner, designed to give hydration 70%,
repair 30% and color protection.

For normal to thick hair, with damage caused by chemical process.